The HSC English (Extension) course enables students who are accomplished, analytical and imaginative in their use of English to refine their understanding and appreciation of the cultural roles and significance of texts. The courses are designed for students with a desire to pursue a specialised study of English.

These courses provide students with the opportunity to pursue areas of interest with increased independence and to theorise about the processes of responding to and composing texts. Through extended engagement in investigation and composition, students explore multiple meanings and relative values of texts. They explore a range of conceptual frameworks for the reading and composition of texts and examine a range of reading practices to develop awareness of the assumptions that guide interpretation and evaluation.

Module B: Texts and Ways of Thinking

This module requires students to explore and evaluate a selection of texts relating to a particular historical period. It develops their understanding of the ways in which scientific, religious, philosophical or economic paradigms have shaped and are reflected in literature and other texts.

Each elective in this module involves the study of at least two print texts, relating to a particular historical period, that demonstrate the influence of particular ways of thinking on literary and other texts. In addition, students explore, analyse and critically evaluate a range of other texts that reflect these ideas.

Students explore the ways that values are inscribed in particular texts and how they are reflected by texts. They consider whether and why texts are valued in their own time. They also consider why and by whom those texts are valued today.

Students develop a range of imaginative, interpretive and analytical compositions, including some which explore the effects of particular paradigms for a range of audiences. These compositions may be realised in various forms, modes and media. Students investigate topics and ideas, engage in independent learning activities and develop skills in extended composition.